Tuesday, September 07, 2010

From 50 days/50 pages...the longest week

Oh gee but it is really hard for me to think of a week in the past that I thought would never end.  My usual problem is that weeks seem to fly by...that there are never enough days in each week.  I'm always so surprised to see Sunday roll around again when it seems like it was just yesterday that I was at church.  How did that happen and what have I done to count for those days is my usual dilemma.  So what would make a long week for me?  Probably waiting for a special happening like leaving for a trip that I was excited about or waiting for my son and his family to arrive.  But even then I never seem to be able to get everything done I'd like to in preparation.
I can remember in college when I might have been sweating a grade that the week waiting for grades to be posted seemed long or waiting to see if I got into a class that I really wanted. 
When my children were little and my husband was traveling for NASA all the time, sometimes for a week or two at a time, the week got really long and I was so glad when he came home and was able to give me a break.
The last week of the month, the week before payday seems pretty long sometimes.
When both kids got sick at once with the same virus, the week was really, really long.  Oh boy did the cabin walls get high!  Parenting teaches you a lot about patience and flexibility!

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secondstorygirl said...

"Oh, boy, did the cabin walls get high"...what a fabulous line! And the one about the last week of the month before payday. So true, especially when the children were small. Making the groceries s-t-r-e-t-c-h! I love reading what you write...I connect with so much of it.