Thursday, September 09, 2010

From 50/50 Ten things I Know about Beauty

Beauty is in the joy in the face of a 13 yr old granddaughter trying on her first grown-up party dress.
Beauty is in the face of the Dalai Lama.
Beauty is in the billowing white clouds over the water of Galveston Bay
Beauty is in the soft glow of my morning peach
Beauty is in the huge dragon fly the cat brought in
Beauty is in the hand that has held mine as we sit in church for 53 years
Beauty is in the art of Alice Neel
Beauty is in the poetry of Mary Oliver
Beauty is in the suspense stories of Lee Childs
Beauty is in the voice of a son who has moved far away
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
"Beauty is as beauty does," said my grandmother as I went out the door.
Beauty is in a sunset in New Mexico, Assisi or over Galveston Bay
Beauty is in a dinner party with great conversations
Beauty is in a temple on a Balinese mountain
Beauty is in a jazz concert at College of the Mainland
Beauty is in a granddaughter's practic on her flute
Beauty is in prayer
Beauty is in forgiveness
Beauty is in sitting on a quiet beach watching the waves roll in
Beauty is in a thunderstorm's boom
Beauty is in the quiet time to reflect on what is beauty


taosmoxie said...

How absolutely lovely, Kay! You've covered so many "things" here -- I especially treasure the one about holding hands for 52 years...

secondstorygirl said...

I love how you flow between quotidian graces (such as the "soft glow of my morning peach") to the magnificence of a sunset or Balinese mountain temple.

I, too, was especially moved by the hand that has held yours for 53 years. Beauty, indeed.