Thursday, September 26, 2013

Support groups and paint?

Support groups are great...thank goodness I have one...just wish it met more often than once a month.  It is so affirming to know I'm not alone in this care taking.  Hubby has been complaining of being really tired and not wanting to do anything, go any where.  He just wanted to sleep all the time.  Since his brother had complained of being tired which turned into a severe heart problem, I was concerned and still am.  But at support group I learned this is typical of the disease.  I will continue to keep a lookout for other symptoms.  But today he seems fine, got up early, has been working on his computer and has a healthy appetite.  He has even been cooperative about cleaning the bathroom which has been a big help as it is hard for me to get down on my knees to do parts of the floor.

Daughter and I are painting the small is a what I hope is a lovely green but until we get the bright pink covered up, it is really hard to tell.  Yikes.  I'm in the mood to paint all the bedrooms and the front bathroom all different heck with the all neutral cream color all over the house.  Bring on the color.  YES!

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Babs said...

You need to have someone come to clean once a week. It's time to pass that on OR pass it on to your granddaughter. Seriously....