Saturday, September 14, 2013

A new woman

A haircut and a pedicure...I'm a new woman.  Sometimes it takes so little to change a day or week around.  A pedicure with dear Jennifer who does an awesome job but whom I can only understand an occasional word or two or three does so much to brighten my week.  I can only afford her cheerful healing touch once a month which is fine as it might lose its specialness if I went more often.  Jennifer continues to babble in Vietnamese to the other employees and she must be really funny as they all laugh a lot. 
Yesterday she gave a big smile and nod of approval on my color choice..."Much better", she said.   "Purple you get in the winter."  And so it is that I once again have bright red if only I could remember the name of the polish.
I'm trying the new chicken enchilada recipe for dinner tonight but so wish the weather would cool down...almost 100 degrees here on the Bay yesterday.  No sign of winter here or even fall.

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Babs said...

GREAT color. I wish it would warm up! It hasn't been above the mid 70's in weeks. Brrrrr. I'm in socks, a sweatshirt and long pants. I hate this weather.
We're waiting to see what is going to happen here weatherwise from a TS on the Pacific coast and a potential hurricane in the Gulf. RAIN, WINDS and CLOUDS. Enjoy your warmth.