Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Back into bureaucracy

Interesting morning.  I can't find the cinnamon rolls that I bought yesterday...they were on the counter.  Whoa, here they are in the freezer.  No problem, beats the recycle bin.

The Alz guy, better known as hubby, lost his NASA Alumnae badge again.  No clue as to where it might have gone but I have looked everywhere.  For all I know he may have dropped it on the JSC campus somewhere.  Of course he has been frantic as the connections to the space program are so important to him, not just for the friendships he has made over the 45+ years on the space program but thoughts around space seem to be the deepest ruts in his brain and holding on better than anything else like where his badge went or where to put things or where the microwave is in the kitchen.

So today's mission was to go to JSC and get another badge.  I have, change that to "had", a  spouse's badge that was given to me years ago when he retired back in one of my "red hair" days but it was losing its laminate.  So into the badge office we go at JSC...Ken hands over his drivers' license and I hand over my badge to get it replaced (big mistake!).  Ken gets a new badge no problem but the nice lady says I'm not supposed to have one...that mine was supposed to be turned in when he retired, that it wasn't valid anymore.  I informed her that I had been getting on site for years with it, that hubby can no longer drive so it is up to me to deliver him when he has a meeting on site and how am I supposed to come back and get him if I don't have a badge?  Answer from the bureaucracy:  Have the employed person that he is visiting order a visitor's badge for me.  And they wouldn't give my badge back.  So now hopefully I can drive him in but I have to stop at the badge center and get a badge to just drive through the gate and pick him up standing in front of a building.  Things have certainly tightened up since 9/11 which is good but this is the first time after 40 + years I've ever had a problem.  Hubby's comment:  "Welcome to government bureaucracy."  My response: "Just don't lose your damn badge again."  Smile, grin, sigh.


Cheryl said...

I suggest getting a day pass when you drop him off. That way you don't have to stop at the gatehouse again on that trip. I'm sure the people he's going to meet with will approve it.

Darla Jean said...

However, someone with a 10 year mental illness issue can get into the Naval Yard with a gun.

What nonsense.