Monday, September 16, 2013

Vino and Van Gogh

This is a collage I created at a fundraiser called Vino and Van Gogh for The Arts Alliance Clear Lake Center at Opus restaurant in Clear Lake Shores.  It was a fun evening trying to create something on canvas with limited supplies and a very limited palette.  The 8 x 10 canvases had all been painted with a background and there were lots to choose from.  I had imagined a real getting messy workshop with lots of paint and stuff flying and wore an old T-shirt and usual paint attire.  Ha! It was obviously a society event and the attending ladies were decked out to the nines...well, maybe not their "nines" but mine for sure.  And obviously many had never created anything like it in their lives.  The ladies at my table were very nice but kept quizzing me about what I was doing.  I just kept on gluing and tearing and painting but believe me, they had a hard time understanding why I was creating what I was creating.  I think Van Gogh would have loved it...I do and I do want to support TAACCL.  It has been a real loss to our community when they had to close their facility.  We are all hoping that a wonderful venue will be available soon.  But in the meantime these mini-workshops are very well organized with a good instructor and I encourage my friends to go and have fund while giving support.
I love this idea for fundraising and several from my book club are going in Nov. to another Vino and Van Gogh at the Sundance Grill.  Who knows what the next creation will be.


Cheryl said...

Who knows, perhaps you inspired the art in one of those society belles!

Babs said...

It made me laugh out loud! LOVE your creation, as always. I can just see the hoity toity........ha.

Kay Cox said...

They kept asking me what kind of art do I do...landscapes, seascapes, portraits.Geez, how do I answer that? I kept saying "mixed media and assemblage" which really confused them. How do I describe what I do?