Sunday, September 15, 2013

They're back!

"Hi, honey, I'm home."
They are back and it must mean that some cooler weather is on its way.  I never get tired of watching these tiny beings darting back and forth to the feeders from tree branches and telephone wires.  There are two different kinds this year...the ruby-throated and another metallic green and they seem to get along well together, even sharing feeder time, moving from feeder to feeder and not continuously chasing the other birds away.  Our backyard has become a zoo of the early morning hours I am stalked by a squirrel sitting in the shiffelera just outside the living room French door waiting for me to hand her a peanut or place an ear of corn in the feeder.  She sits staring, watching and waiting.  I think she must be nursing a family somewhere. 
Sparrows have discovered the other feeder along with the red-bellied woodpecker and doves and black & white pigeons scout the ground for the corn debris left by the squirrels.  The other day there was an all white pigeon among them and I fantasized it carried some message.  Maybe a message from the Great Mystery telling me to enjoy all this and protect it.

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Babs said...

I am so darn happy you're writing again. I ALWAYS love your perspective.....